Bethany Church



Bethany Church is an ecumenical, sacramental, and apostolic community church centered in the Connecticut Naugatuck Valley with member church cell locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and southeastern New York.  As a fellowship, we seek to imitate Jesus and make our faith real by: learning and applying the principles and truths He set forth in Scripture in our personal and corporate lives, by sharing His gifts of love and spiritual strength in the sacraments, and by sharing the love and service He taught and enables, with each other and with the world. 

Our primary mission and the reason for our cell church design, is to bring the Church to those who wish to be active sacramental, liturgical and apostolic Christians but who are unable to attend or be involved in a traditional building-based congregation, often due to age, infirmity, or other impediments.  Each cell in this church is supported by a lay leader or leadership team which takes responsibility for organizing worship, for planning group activities, and for working with the pastor to provide sacramental, pastoral, and spiritual growth support to their group. 

Bethany is a member congregation of both the United Catholic Church and the International Council of Community Churches.  Information about our beliefs, liturgy, pastor, and the apostolic lineage and history of our church fellowship is located on the  United Catholic Church website.  Information on our ecumenical interests and viewpoints can be found there, and also at the International Council of Community Churches website.


                    Church Office:    203-393-3260


                    Address:             P.O. Box 603, Cheshire CT 06410